Swim with the Manatees, Homosassa Florida

10460 W. New York Street Homosassa, Florida 34448  352-601-8992

Snorkel with Manatees, Enjoy the Dolphins, Sightseeing, Scallop Tours & More

Join us for a once in a lifetime experience, snorkel with manatees! Great water fun for the whole family.  Enjoy the Florida sun, freshwater springs, native wildlife, fun and knowledgeable captains,and a beautiful day on the Homosassa River.

All of our tours are sugar free, gluten free, fat free,

and 100% organic fun for everyone

At Native Vacations, we have loved serving all of you for the past 18 years!  We have grown quite a bit over the years, so, in order to continue serving our loyal and new customers, our look has changed, as well as our name, and we are very excited to announce our new online store as well. 

At the Homosassa Manatee Snorkeling Center, we love nothing more than taking you and your family or friends to snorkel with the manatees, in Homosassa.  Most people recognize Crystal River with manatees, but we love them in Homosassa too.  To swim with manatees, is truly an amazing experience, that anyone can join in, from 90 years young, to your adorable toddler. Drops of sunshine and the freshwater, Florida springs are ready to welcome one and all to a special manatee tour.

Everyone loves the eternally smiling dolphin. We can take you to the Gulf of Mexico, in search of the fun loving, and playful dolphin on your own Dolphin Tour!   

Contact us now at 352-601-8992 or manateesnorkeling@gmail.com

6 Passengers per boat, Great Captains, Educational Tours, Big Fun!